Complementary Feeding in Community-Based Rehabilitation Centers in Madhya Pradesh

blog kananiIn Madhya Pradesh, poor child-feeding practices are associated with growth faltering. The most recent data show that 74 percent of zero- to five-month olds are exclusively breastfed, but only 48 percent of six- to eight-month-olds receive complementary foods.

In March 2014, to address the community-based rehabilitation of severely underweight children, the Integrated Child Development Services Directorate, in partnership with the Department of Health of Madhya Pradesh, began the Supportive Program on Sustaining Health and Nutrition. Complementary feeding of 6–36-month-old children is a major focus of the program.

In routine monitoring, officials have observed that attending recipe demonstrations, participating in meal preparation, and observing children’s acceptance of meals have enabled mothers to learn about local options for enriching their child’s diet.

Implementation Note 13, November 2015