A Review of Evidence-Based Interventions in Indian Nutrition Programs

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This review, conducted as part of POSHAN's inception phase, presents findings related to an analysis of the design documents of the Integrated Child Development Services, the National Rural Health Mission, published literature, grey literature, and the program models of 22 NGO programs to assess the extent to which programs address the 14 essential nutrition inputs., as outlined by Bhutta et al. (2013) in The Lancet and others.

While a majority of program models implemented by NGOs address essential inputs pertaining to breastfeeding and complementary feeding, few address vitamin A deficiency, pediatric anemia, severe and acute malnutrition, and none address reducing intestinal parasitic burden and the prevention of anemia. The results of this review further indicate that there is an overwhelming need to build operational evidence to ensure high quality delivery of evidence-based interventions, which already operate at national scale.

Research Note 2, January 2013