Application Deadline Is Almost Here! Short Course on “Transforming Nutrition in India: Ideas, Policies and Outcomes”

POSHAN aims to bridge the nutrition evidence gap in India by connecting policymakers, program implementers, nutrition researchers, and other stakeholders with the latest and best evidence, to support effective decisions to improve maternal and child nutrition in India. With this in mind, POSHAN Director, Dr. Purnima Menon, will be co-directing the second "Transforming Nutrition in India: Ideas, Policies and Outcomes" >> Read more

Odisha’s Open Spaces for Nutrition Innovation

POSHAN Director, Purnima Menon, shared key findings from POSHAN research for Odisha at the Global Nutrition Report Roundtable Event in Bhubaneswar on February 6, 2015.  POSHAN’s work in Odisha has included work on stakeholder mapping, a study on delivery of essential nutrition interventions and the role of intersectoral convergence, costing of essential nutrition interventions, and >> Read more

Seminar Sheds Light on Policies, Practices, and Governance to Improve Nutrition

The Coalition for Sustainable Nutrition Security in India, in collaboration with the POSHAN organized the seminar Nutrition—Policies, Practices, and Governance on November 27 in New Delhi. The seminar touched on key issues in nutrition, such as stunting, governance success stories, and corporate performance on obesity and undernutrition efforts.

Revisions start on India’s Plan for Achieving Sustainable Nutrition Security

In light of new evidence, the 2010 Leadership Agenda for Action (LAA), a documented plan for achieving sustainable nutrition security in India, is being updated to reflect recent scientific findings and to include strategies for scaling up successful programs. The Coalition for Sustainable Nutrition Security in India, a group of nutritionists, policy and program leaders

Understanding the Landscape of National Policies and Strategic Plans to Tackle Undernutrition in India: A Review

This review, conducted as part of POSHAN's inception phase, shows that India has a robust policy framework for addressing nutrition as a key public health challenge, yet, the use of evidence in nutrition policy development in India is not always systematically documented. Additionally, given the lack of up-to-date national surveys, policymaking and planning in nutrition >> Read more