POSHAN Delivering for Nutrition 2016: Session on India’s Food Supplementation Programs

The Supplementary Nutrition Program (SNP) component of the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) and the mid-day meal scheme are two of the key food supplementation programs offered by the Government of India. The SNP provides a daily snack and hot cooked meal for 3–6-year-old children at the anganwadi centre and take home ration (THR) for >> Read more

POSHAN Delivering for Nutrition 2016: Session on Nutrition Financing

India carries an exceptionally high proportion of the global burden of undernutrition and is currently not on track to meet the World Health Assembly targets for stunting and anemia reduction. There is therefore an urgent need to invest in nutrition, in India. With this in mind, POSHAN’s implementation research conference “Delivering for Nutrition in India: >> Read more

POSHAN Delivering for Nutrition 2016: Session Summary on Interventions That Support Child Development

Early childhood is a precious time in human life– a period marked by rapid physical and cognitive development. Good nutrition and a supportive environment are critical for normal child development during the first 1,000 days– from conception to a child’s second birthday. A package of 14 essential nutrition-specific interventions that span the spectrum of prevention >> Read more

Achieving the 2025 World Health Assembly Targets for Nutrition in India: What Will It Cost?

The prevalence of nutritional outcomes such as stunting, anemia, wasting and low birth weight is persistently high in India. In 2012, India committed to achieving the six World Health Assembly (WHA) targets for nutrition. However, data on the prevalence of undernutrition shows that substantial improvements are required across all states, if India is to meet >> Read more

POSHAN Delivering for Nutrition 2016: Session Summary on Interventions for Pregnant and Lactating Women

Delivering nutrition interventions during the period between pre-pregnancy and lactation is crucial for ensuring optimal maternal and newborn health. With this in mind, two sessions of POSHAN’s “Delivering for Nutrition: Learnings from Implementation Research” conference (November 9–10, 2016) were exclusively dedicated to implementation research on the delivery of interventions from pre-pregnancy through lactation. Chaired by >> Read more

POSHAN Delivering for Nutrition 2016: Session Summary on Measuring Coverage

IFPRI hosted the first-ever nutrition implementation research conference in New Delhi, on November 9–10, 2016. This blog is the first in a series to summarize the conference. The first session was chaired by Dr. Deepika Chaudhery of the World Bank and Dr. Rasmi Avula of IFPRI and called upon research experiences from across India on >> Read more

Abstract Digest on Maternal and Child Nutrition Research – Issue 15

This last issue of the Abstract Digest for 2016 brings to focus the importance of maternal factors including pre- and peri-conceptional nutrition, education and stature, as well as macro-level factors such as sustained economic growth and investments in health, education, and water for the overall well-being of a child. Here are some highlights: De-Regil (2016) >> Read more