Publications and Resources

Abstract Digests

Abstracts Digests feature abstracts from articles published in peer-reviewed journals; as well as selected non peer-reviewed articles by researchers in reputed academic and/or research institutions and which demonstrated rigor in their research objectives, methodology, and analysis. The digest has four sections: special journal supplements, abstracts from individual peer-reviewed articles, abstracts of non peer-reviewed literature and upcoming events of interest.

Data Notes

Data Notes focus on data visualization to highlight geographic and/or thematic issues related to nutrition in India. They draw on multiple sources of publically available data.

District Nutrition Profiles

District Nutrition Profiles (DNPs) draw on diverse sources of data to compile a set of indicators on the state of nutrition and its cross-sectoral determinants. The profiles are intended to be conversation-starters at the district level and to enable discussions about why undernutrition levels are high, and which factors, at multiple levels, might need to be addressed to improve nutrition.

Implementation Notes

Implementation Notes summarize experiences related to how specific interventions or programs are delivered. They are intended to share information on innovations in delivery and are not research products. The latest set of Implementation Notes documents nine examples of program initiatives that have attempted to improve the quality of young children’s diets in India.

Policy Notes

Policy Notes present a concise summary of findings related to the study of polices affecting nutrition globally or in India.


Reports present methods and findings of research studies led by POSHAN and its partners.

Research Notes

Research Notes present a concise summary of a research study led by POSHAN and its partners.