Understanding the Landscape of National Policies and Strategic Plans to Tackle Undernutrition in India: A Review

This review, conducted as part of POSHAN's inception phase, shows that India has a robust policy framework for addressing nutrition as a key public health challenge, yet, the use of evidence in nutrition policy development in India is not always systematically documented. Additionally, given the lack of up-to-date national surveys, policymaking and planning in nutrition >> Read more

Abstract Digest on Maternal and Child Nutrition Research – Issue 1

Highlights: Six special issue publications from 2012 examining the issues on improving maternal and child undernutrition from different dimensions.

Nutrition Stakeholders in India: Insights from a Network and Influence Mapping Exercise

This paper presents results of an exercise conducted during POSHAN's inception phase in which the nutrition stakeholders in India were mapped to assess which ones have the most influence on nutrition in India. The exercise revealed a highly complex, centralized landscape of actors with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the Ministry of Women >> Read more

A Review of Evidence-Based Interventions in Indian Nutrition Programs

Date: 2013 This paper presents findings related to an analysis of the design documents of the Integrated Child Development Services

An Overview of the Nutrition Knowledge Systems and Networks in India

This review, conducted as part of POSHAN's inception phase, provides an analysis of virtual and physical knowledge networks on nutrition in India. The paper includes findings on the the leading systems and networks in use in India and what are the barriers and successes to their use. Research Note 1, January 2013