Reports present methods and findings of research studies led by POSHAN and its partners.

Delivering for Nutrition in Odisha: Insights from a study on the state of Essential Nutrition Interventions

Two national programs in India ─ the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) and the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) ─ have been designed to cover and address a set of recommended nutrition-specific interventions. Frontline workers (FLWs) from both programs are expected to work together to deliver these interventions. There are, however, challenges to working across >> Read more

Sharing Untold Insights on Nutrition for Public Health: Knowledge Forums on Nutrition (Poshan Samvad) in Madhya Pradesh

  This report outlines the rationale for creating Poshan Samvad, a knowledge forum for frontline workers, policymakers, and those working in program design, implementation, monitoring, and research on how to successfully bring about transformational change in a community’s nutritional status and healthy well-being. Access Sharing Untold Insights on Nutrition for Public Health: Knowledge Forums on >> Read more

A Landscape Analysis of Nutrition Initiatives in Madhya Pradesh: Policies, Actors and Networks

This landscape analysis presents the environment in which decisionmaking for nutrition programmes is undertaken, the barriers and facilitators to the use of information, and credible and useful formats for information sharing in Madhya Pradesh. This exercise included a desk review of the policy and programme interventions of the Atal Bal Arogya Evam POSHAN Mission (ABM) since >> Read more

National Policies and Strategic Plans to Tackle Undernutrition in India: A Review

This national policy review was undertaken by PHFI as part of the policy landscape assessments under POSHAN. The overall objective of this policy review was to assess the policy environment before building perspectives on knowledge flows and mobilization for better decisionmaking. This was done by appraising the Indian policy landscape in terms of available policy-level enablers >> Read more

Knowledge Systems and Networks for Nutrition in India: A Review

The review provides an overview of the existing knowledge systems and networks (both physical and virtual) catering to nutrition-based information needs of policymaking audiences in India. The review considered those networks or systems that play some role in one or more of the following: Making credible, relevant, and contextualized knowledge available to policymaking audiences Increasing decisionmakers’ >> Read more

The Challenge Of Child Undernutrition In Uttar Pradesh: Finding From A Situation Assessment

This paper analyzes the current nutrition situation in Uttar Pradesh and examines nutrition-related services, programs, and policies with the goal of informing strategic directions for nutrition-related policy in Uttar Pradesh. This paper uses an assessment framework that explicitly considers the biological, programmatic, and sociopolitical aspects of nutrition in Uttar Pradesh. It draws on primary and >> Read more