Areas of Focus

POSHAN’s areas of focus were identified and developed based on extensive inception research in 2011-12. Based on reviews, network mapping and stakeholder interviews, POSHAN developed a strategy to strengthen access to knowledge and evidence on nutrition in India by synthesizing knowledge from diverse sources, generating knowledge in specific topical areas, and mobilizing knowledge in different ways.

To synthesize existing knowledge, POSHAN:

  • Compiles and shares findings from the latest global and national research studies
  • Reviews and summarizes insights from policy and program guidelines and reports

To generate knowledge, POSHAN leads studies on issues that have been identified as most relevant to ensuring effective programs for nutrition in India today.  Study topics include:

  • Working across multiple sectors, including women and child development, health, water, and agriculture to scale up impact on nutrition
  • Implementing and costing for scaling up nutrition-specific interventions
  • Analyses of available nutrition data to highlight trends, patterns, and determinants of undernutrition

To mobilize knowledge, POSHAN:

  • Brings together diverse stakeholders and facilitates dialogue and learning to advance the nutrition agenda forward
  • Strengthens and links existing nutrition networking groups and online portals and systems to promote better knowledge sharing in nutrition
  • Engages with the media to report on nutrition-related issues through POSHAN’s Media Fellowship program, media briefings, and roundtables
  • Supports the public launch of landmark nutrition studies and reports