A Quick Guide to District Nutrition Profiles

Data on the nutritional status of children in India is often only available at the national and state levels, with very little data present at the district level. With the objective of bridging this knowledge gap, POSHAN has generated District Nutrition Profiles (DNPs) for the 640 districts of India. These profiles aim to create awareness, facilitate evidence-based discussions, and mobilize action for nutrition at the district level.

The disaggregated data presented in these 4-page profiles, gives a snapshot of the condition of nutrition and its multiple determinants in each district. These profiles have been conceptualized to enable local leaders and civil society to understand what it takes to effectively tackle undernutrition in their communities.

A Quick Guide has been developed to assist the users for easy navigation, understanding and interpretation of these District Nutrition Profiles. With more data coming in, POSHAN will further update the profiles in due course. Meanwhile, this Quick Guide, will facilitate the understanding of District Nutrition Profiles among the diverse stakeholders working in nutrition.