Meeting Highlights Facilitators and Barriers to Nutrition Knowledge Sharing

In May 2013,  POSHAN brought together various networks that are working to mobilize research evidence on nutrition in India to discuss the factors that facilitate and inhibit stakeholder engagement in knowledge mobilization.

At the meeting, contributors emphasized the following:

  • It is essential that stakeholders believe in the principle and strength of knowledge mobilization and are self-motivated to remain engaged in discussions in both virtual and physical networks.
  • Present information in user-friendly formats that meet both stakeholders’ needs and preferences,
  • Knowledge needs to reach those who can apply it in practice. It is, therefore, essential to engage the people working at the operational level.

Participants cited several barriers to maintaining stakeholder engagement, including limited government participation, a lack of credible data, a lack of financial sustainability, and the under-promotion of a spirit and culture of sharing.

Following the meeting, a Nutrition Knowledge Conveners Network (NKCN) was established on the Eldis Communities website in September 2013. The objective of the network is for key stakeholders to share lessons learned, promote linkages, and reflect on the best strategies for nutrition knowledge mobilization.