The Landscape of Nutrition Stakeholders in Odisha

RN OdishaOdisha has a diverse network of nutrition stakeholders, including government departments, donors, and nongovernment organizations. These stakeholders play a critical role in shaping the nutrition policy agenda, implementing nutrition actions on the ground, and funding nutrition interventions.

To better understand the interactions among these stakeholders, their relative influence on program and policy decisions, and their perspectives on how to ensure robust and productive interactions among each other, a team from POSHAN conducted an exercise to map this network.

The study team found that the network has high centralization i.e., a few stakeholders have many links while most have few or none. The actors with the most links are UNICEF and Department of Women and Child Development with 61 and 32 links, respectively. There are a number of stakeholders that are not on the map because they are not linked to others. However, they are perceived to be important potential active stakeholders for the network. Access Research Note 5, July 2013.

This Research Note is based on a longer report titled A Network Analysis of Nutrition Stakeholders in Odisha, which was updated in March 2014.